1   CCS:

1.1   The trade-name Canadian Clinical Software herein referred to as CCS, its logo, website, and all content within are wholly owned and operated by Secret Garden Wellness Clinic Inc.

2   Software:

2.1   The website and all subdomains therein are, combined, herein referred to as the Software. The software is wholly owned and operated by CCS.

2.2   The Software is intended to be used as a platform for businesses in the medical and natural health professions to manage business aspects including but not limited to Client databases, invoicing and accounting, appointment booking and employee scheduling, and other tools for use in a clinical setting. CCS does not condone the use of the Software for purposes other than those outlined here.

3   Client:

3.1   All persons using the Software, whether registered or not is herein referred to as a Client. Clients, by using this site agree to its terms and conditions listed herein. In order to use most of the features of the Software, Clients are required to register an account, complete with a checked agreement to these terms and conditions as well as providing a digital signature to confirm acceptance of terms. It is understood, that any registered Client is fully aware of and fully liable for all terms and conditions laid out in this document.

4   Therapist:

4.1   Any and all persons who are employed by a Clinic using this Software that actively practice their given modality on a Client is considered to be a Therapist for the purpose of this Software. Actual credentials and legal terminology of the term therapist may or may not apply, however, any and all credentials for the Therapist will be listed in their Therapist Profile and are the responsibility of the Therapist to provide proof of to any Client who requests it.

4.2   It is not the responsibility of CCS to provide proof of accreditation to any Therapist and the liability for such lies jointly within the providing Therapist and Clinic.

5   Clinic:

5.1   Any individual or group, sole-proprietorship, partnership, or corporation designating itself as a place of business that offers services and/or products to Clients and whom, have in their employ, Therapists who practice any modality or combination of modalities listed herein.

5.2   A clinic may or may not refer to itself as a clinic, spa, wellness centre, or any other business model, but for the purpose of CCS, will be refered to as a Clinic.

Clinics listed on CCS are, unless otherwise stated, individually owned and operated. CCS takes no responsibility for the actions or comments of any Clinics listed in the Software.

6   Staff:

6.1   Any and all registered Staff members of any Clinic registered on the Software. Staff includes Therapists as well as administrative staff members who do not, themselves, perform services directly with Clients.

6.2   Appointments cannot be booked between a Client and Staff, only between Clients and Therapists.

7   Database:

7.1   The collected data that is stored and accessed securely on our hosted web servers.

7.2   All information that is sent to and from the Database is encrypted with addition encryption and security measures for sensitive data such as account passwords.

8   Children:

8.1   Children, defined as any persons under the age of 18, require parent/guardian permission to use CCS. Client accounts can be created by persons under the age of 18 years, however, the signature and consent to Terms of Service need to be from a parent or guardian of the child. Clinic Accounts, which are not free, but paid, can only be created by responsible persons over the age of 18. Unless otherwise stated, there are no age restrictions at any clinics listed within CCS.

9   Blacklist:

9.1   A privately available list of Clients who have had their accounts flagged by Staff for various purposes.

9.2   A Client who has an account on the blacklist is unable to use the Software until they have contacted CCS to resolve any outstanding issues causing their listing.

9.3   A Therapist who has been Blacklisted, as a Therapist and NOT as a Client, will not be able to be listed, for the purpose of booking appointments, through any Clinic, until the Blacklisting has been lifted.

9.4   A Clinic that has been Blacklisted will immediately lose access to all features of the Software until such time as the Blacklisting is lifted.

Privacy Policy

12   Client Information

12.1   All Client information taken, whether provided by the Client, a parent/guardian of the Client, authorized user of the Client, Therapist, Clinic, or Staff member is kept confidential with the following exceptions:

  Inter-Software Shared Information

  Insurance Information

  Contact Information

  Legal Reasons

12.2   Inter-Software Shared Information

 (a)  As a Client, you give permission to any and all Staff of any and all Clinics to which you book an appointment, access to you account information excluding access to view or change any account passwords or security answers. If, at any time, you wish to deny any clinic access to your account information, you may remove them from your account, effectively blocking them from seeing your information. This does not limit their access to view past appointment information nor does it remove or modify any flags or conditions on your account set by the Clinic or any Staff therefrom.

12.3   Insurance Information

 (a)  By providing the optional Insurance Information, you, as a Client, are giving permission for any and all Staff of any and all Clinics to which you have booked an appointment, the ability to view your insurance information including your name and birth-date and/or the name and birth-date of the insured member, the name of the insurance company, the policy or group number, and the member ID.

 (b)  You also give permission for any and all Staff of any and all Clinics to which you have booked an appointment permission to bill your insurance company for any eligible service you have been provided as well as permission to retain copies of any confirmations provided by the insurance company and or their provider portal software.

 (c)  If, at any time, you wish to remove your insurance information or update the information, you may do so freely and at your convenience.

 (d)  You also consent to, upon request, provide a physical copy of your insurance information that may or may not be kept on record with any Clinic. If, upon Client request, any physical copies of insurance information provided by the Client or on the Client's behalf, requested to be destroyed, must be destroyed completely and as soon as reasonably possible.

12.4   Contact Information

 (a)  Under no circumstances, do we provide access to, sell, or share any Client data with any third-parties.

 (b)  Within the umbrella of the Software, any and all Clinics may use, at their discretion, any of your provided contact information including but not limited to phone numbers, email address, and mailing addresses for the purpose of collecting outstanding fees or debts, to communicate to the Client any legal matters, or if the Client has attempted to book an appointment with the Clinic but has failed to provide adequate information to complete the booking, the Client consents to the Clinic to attempt to reestablish communication with the Client through any method of communication they deem most appropriate.

 (c)  You provide consent to any and all Staff of any and all Clinics to which you have booked an appointment, permission to contact the person listed as your Emergency Contact at the number provided as theirs in the case of any Medical Emergency for which you are unable to provide consent.

 (d)  When express permission is given by checking the appropriate box in your Client Profile, you give permission for the specified method of contact to be used to contact you for the purpose of appointment reminders and/or separately for marketing purposes.

 (e)  A Clinic and/or a member of its Staff may, with express permission from the Client, and only with express permission from the Client, contact the Client for any reason not outlined above, including but not limited to networking, social events, or joint-ventures.

12.5   Legal Reasons

 (a)  If, for any reason, a Client, Therapist, or Clinic has been accused by a Client, Therapist, Clinic, or third-party of any illegal activity, CCS may, at its discretion, provide any and all Contact Information in its Database to the appropriate authorities. Likewise, if court-ordered, CCS will disclose to authorities any required documentation.

 (b)  Certain confidential information is encrypted for privacy and security reasons. Any requests for the confiscation of encrypted data will be provided, however, the data provided will be encrypted and it is beyond the capability of CCS to decrypt its encrypted data in most cases.

 (c)  In the case of legal confiscation of data, only the data relevant to the accused or named Client, Therapist, or Clinic will be provided.

12.6   Spam

 (a)  By creating an account with CCS and providing your contact information, you agree to allow CCS and the Clinics and Therapists who use the Software to contact you via the supplied methods within the terms and context listed herein.

 (b)  Any Clinic or Therapist may reach out to any Clinic, Therapist, or Client via the internal CCS Messaging System.

 (c)  Any Client may reach out to any Clinic or Therapist via the internal CCS Messaging System. Requesting a direct response from an owner may have negative consequences on the Client's rating.

 (d)  If a prior connection between parties has not been established, the inviting party must submit a request to the joining party. The joining party has the right to decline the invitation. Any non-accepted invitations automatically decline after 90 days, or immediately for any inactive accounts.

 (e)  When a client books an appointment, a connection between client and clinic and client and therapist is automatically created. A client may remove this connection from their profile settings.

 (f)  Email, phone calls, and text-messaging can only be accessed if the party has enabled such methods of contact in their profile and a connection exists between parties. These methods are deactived by default.

 (g)  For all intents and purposes, no messages sent via CCS is considered unsolicited. If, at any time, a clinic or therapist contacts you outside of CCS while your settings within CCS would prevent them from contacting you from within the system, the contactee would have legal grounds to pursue a violation against the contacting party however, by using the Software, you agree not to hold CCS liable in any way for the third-party breach.

13   IP Address

13.1   Your IP Address is used by the Software to help prevent fraudulent access to your account. It is only collected and stored in our Database when a new account is created and when any account change is made.

13.2   By using the Software, you are consenting to the collection of your IP Address for these purposes. Any attempt to mask your IP Address may result in the deactivation of your account or, in the case of new accounts, prevent your account from being activated.

14   Cookies

14.1   The Software uses Cookies (Data stored on the user's computer) to store an encrypted token. This token is then used for the purpose of keeping the user logged-in to the Software. If you disable cookies, the Software may be able to keep you logged-in via php Sessions but you may have adverse login issues. We highly recommend allowing cookies in your web browser for proper function of the Software.

14.2   If, at any time, you wish to remove any and all cookies generated by the Software, simply click the Logout button in the software. This action deletes all cookies on your device that were generated by the Software.

General Terms and Conditions

15   General Usage

15.1   You agree to use the Software only for the intended purpose of the Software.

15.2   The use of any automated process or bot is strictly prohibited.

15.3   Users agree not to share any data within the Software with any persons who, themselves, do not have access.

16   Account Creation

16.1   Any person may create a Client account for their self.

16.2   Any person may, with permission from the Client, create a Client account for a person under the age of 18 for which they are a parent or guardian.

16.3   Any Staff may create a Basic Client account for any user when given express consent to do so. Typically, this is done when a Client wishes to book an appointment at a Clinic in person or over the phone and the Client does not have a registered account. In this case, the Staff member will use the Software to create a Basic Client account by gathering basic client information. Once the account is created, a notification will be sent to the client to complete the Full Client account creation process before their booked appointment, or an option, where available, to fill out the intake form manually or verbally and give permission to the Clinic Staff to complete the account creation on their behalf. In this case, the client is still required to agree to the terms of service and provide a signature to verify that the information entered is accurate.

16.4   Failure to successfully complete the account creation process may result in your initial appointment being canceled.

17   Secondary Users

17.1   By adding an optional Secondary User to your account, you give that user permission to book appointments on your behalf.

17.2   In the case of Clients under the age of 18, the parent/guardian who signs for the account is automatically assigned as the Secondary User.

17.3   The Secondary User does not have the ability to modify, deactivate, or in any way, alter the Client account.

18   Profile Picture

18.1   You agree that you have all rights and privileges to any images uploaded by you to the Software and that you have not, in any way, infringed on the rights of others by publishing the image, that the image uploaded is for the express intent of being used as your Profile Picture, that the image does not contain any nudity, offensive language or symbolism deemed to make the image unsuitable for public display, the image is only of the Client and no other persons, and is an accurate representation of your current physical appearance.

18.2   All uploaded images are screened by Software Admin. Any images that appear to fail to meet the above requirements will be removed.

18.3   If an image passes the screening process but is later deemed inappropriate, the image will be removed and the Client account will be Flagged.

19   Account Information

19.1   By using the Software, you agree that all information provided either during the Account Creation process, Account Update process, information provided in any other form whether digital, printed, or verbally discussed, is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

19.2   You accept that any information provided that is found to be inaccurate, false, or fraudulent, may be used against you in legal proceedings, may result in your account being Flagged and Fined, or may result in the suspension or deactivation of your account.

20   Account Changes

20.1   All changes made to existing accounts are recorded with the changes stored for up to one year. This is to ensure that, should a Client account become compromised and altered, we have sufficient records to restore the account to its original state.

20.2   Some account changes may require a temporary hold on either the account or the field modified. CCS assumes no liability for any inconvenience this process causes. The Client assumes full liability for any changes to their account and any holds pursuant from them.

21   Account Closure

21.1   By agreeing to the terms herein, you allow CCS to gather and store your personal data indefinitely.

21.2   Since all accounts, whether Client, Therapist, or Clinic, contribute content to the Software in an interconnected way and are used to create content for professional documentations that are required to be maintained, we do not allow accounts to be completely removed.

21.3   If, you wish to discontinue service with all Clinics and Therapists using the Software, your account may be deactivated. Deactivation removes your account from all lists and hides your information from all users with the exception of where past services were rendered. This prevents Clinics and Staff from being able to contact you via any of your contact information, prevents you from being able to book or be booked for any services offered by any Clinic or Staff and cancel any current appointments you may have already booked. Deactivating your account will NOT remove any flags from your account, allow you to or give you permission to create a new account, or allow you to make any modifications to your account.

21.4   In the case of Client death, no action is required as all accounts automatically become deactivated after one year of inactivity. If, however, the family or rightful heir of the deceased wishes to deactivate the account immediately, simply contact CCS directly, providing a copy of the death certificate, and the account will be deactivated immediately. This will ensure that any pre-booked appointments will also be canceled without the account incurring charges.

22   Booking Appointments

22.1   By booking an appointment, you agree to pay to the Clinic the listed price for any product or service you book plus any and all applicable taxes, minus any and all applicable discounts. You further agree to arrive on or before the scheduled time of the appointment with any and all required forms completed beforehand, or arrive with enough notice to complete in person, any and all required forms before receiving your scheduled treatment.

22.2   Unless otherwise stated, the length of any given service or treatment will be agreed upon before hand, usually at the time of booking, and will include time for the service or treatment, time before the service or treatment for assessment including time for the Therapist to review the Client forms, make any physical or visual assessment of the Client's condition, and review any subjective details or Client expectations, time before and after the session for the Client to change if a wardrobe change is required for the service or treatment, and lastly, time after the session for post care instructions and client out-take.

22.3   The amount of time dedicated to the direct treatment/service versus time dedicated to all other requirements is determined by the Therapist and may or may not be the same between different Therapists, Clinics, or even by the same therapist. The Therapist is responsible to communicating the division of time to the Client and accepts full responsibility and liability for time usage.

22.4   If, for whatever reason, a Client is late for an appointment, including being early or on time but requiring to complete forms and, in the process of doing so, runs over the start time of the appointment, the Client assumes full responsibility for the loss of time and will, unless otherwise stated, at the Therapist's discretion, compensate the Therapist by either paying additional funds to extend the session if the Client still wishes to receive the full treatment and time permits, or, receive a reduced treatment. For example, if a client is 10 minutes late for a 60-minute appointment, the client can either pay for the 60-minute appointment at full-price and receive only a 50-minute treatment, or, if possible, extend the session to be a 70-minute session (or whichever increments are available), pay for the 70 minutes, and receive the intended 60 minutes.

22.5   If a Client is going to be late, notification to the Clinic or Therapist is required. If no notification is provided by the Client, an additional Late Fee may be applied. If no notification is provided and the Client is 15 minutes late or more, the appointment is considered a No Show

22.6   If, for whatever reason, a Therapist is late for an appointment, unless otherwise stated, the session will push forward to when the Therapist is available and will remain for the same amount of time, regardless of other appointments scheduled for the Therapist, unless the Client is willing to shorten the session at a predetermined reduced-rate, or the Client may cancel or reschedule the appointment without repercussion.

23   Canceling Appointments

23.1   Cancellation Policies may vary drastically from Clinic to Clinic, however, unless otherwise stated, it is the policy of CCS and its represented Clinics that notice must be given prior to canceling an appointment.

23.2   A Cancellation Fee may be applied to a Client's account for canceling an appointment as outlined in the Clinic's Cancellation Policy and may be any amount up to and including the full cost of the booked service or treatment.

23.3   If the appointment is canceled by the Clinic or Therapist with more than 24-hours notice, no compensation will be made to the Client. If the appointment is canceled by the Clinic or Therapist with less than 24-hours notice, the Client may be due compensation dependent on the specific policies of the individual Clinic.

23.4   If the appointment is canceled by the Client with more than 48-hours notice, no penalty shall be applied to the Client.

23.5   If the appointment is canceled by the Client with a minimum of 24-hours notice, unless otherwise stated, no penalty shall be applied to the Client.

23.6   If the appointment is canceled by the Client with between 12 and 24-hours notice, unless the appointment was booked within that time period, a cancellation fee will likely apply, subject to the Clinic's Cancellation Policy.

23.7   If the appointment is canceled by the Client with less than 12-hours notice, regardless of when the appointment was created, a standard Cancellation Fee will apply.

23.8   If the Client cancels an appointment and the time-slot of said appointment becomes booked by another Client, unless otherwise stated, the Cancellation Fee will be waved.

23.9   If the Client is unable to make an appointment and wishes to cancel, if the Client is able to find a different Client to assume the appointment, the Appointment Change will wave any Cancellation Fee required by the Client. If the Clinic or Therapist refuses service to the second Client, as long as the second Client is NOT Blacklisted, and therefore can book the appointment, the first Client is still free from liability for the initial booking and the second Client will show as a canceled appointment, where the cancellation was made by the Clinic or Therapist.

23.10   Any and all cancellation fees accumulated by a Client are the responsibility of the Client and failure to pay them may result in your account being Flagged and Suspended.

23.11   Clients assume all responsibility for the appointments they book. In the case where the appointment was booked by a Secondary User, the liability for the booking and with it, any Fees generated by a cancellation are applied to the account of the Client who booked the appointment, not necessarily the Client for whom the appointment was booked.

23.12   No exceptions are made in regards to the Cancellation Fees when pertaining to reasons for canceling. The Client who booked the appointment is fully responsible and liable for all associated costs.

23.13   The Therapist for which a canceled appointment was made has the sole authority to waive a Cancellation Fee at their discretion.

23.14   In the case where a Cancellation Fee is waived, at the discretion of either the Clinic and/or Therapist, a Cancellation Flag may still be placed onto the Client's account. A Flag to which no fee is attached will not warrant an account Suspension.

23.15   Cancellation Fees cannot be billed to insurance companies and must be paid fully by the Client.

24   No Show

24.1   A No-Show, herein referred to as an NS, is when a Client fails to receive a service or treatment by not arriving at the Clinic and provides no notice of their intent to miss the appointment. This differs from a Cancellation as a Cancellation is where notice is provided.

24.2   Unless otherwise noted, if a Client is 15 minutes late for an appointment, without notifying Staff of the Clinic, that appointment is automatically canceled and an NS Fee is applied to the Client's account.

24.3   Unless otherwise noted, a NS Fee is, at minimum, equal to the full amount of the service or treatment booked.

24.4   In the situation where a Client arrives for a service or treatment and is more than 15-minutes late and requests to still receive service, at the Therapist's discretion, the Client may be booked in their previous spot at a reduced time, or full time if requested and time permits. For example if a Client books a 60-minute treatment and arrives 20-minutes late, if no one else has booked in for that freshly available time-slot, the original Client, if the Therapist chooses, may book the Client in for up to 40-minutes, or extend it if they have time available to extend it.

24.5   Regardless of whether or not a Client, whose appointment was canceled due to a NS, books back into their previous time-slot, the NS Fee still applies.

24.6   As with Cancellation Fees, the liability lies upon the Client who booked the appointment, not the Client for whom the appointment was booked.

24.7   It is at the sole discretion of the Therapist to waive a NS Fee

24.8   In the case where an NS Fee is waived, at the discretion of either the Clinic and/or Therapist, a NS Flag may still be placed onto the Client's account. A Flag to which no fee is attached will not warrant an account Suspension.

24.9   NS Fees cannot be billed to insurance companies and must be paid fully by the Client.

25   Abuse

25.1   Abuse, whether verbal, physical, or sexual, is absolutely not tolerated by CCS, it's registered Clinics, Therapists, or Clients.

25.2   In cases where abuse has been reported, the offenders account will be immediately Flagged.

25.3   In cases where the abused deems necessary, criminal charges may be laid against the abuser in accordance with local law.

25.4   In cases of Abuse, a Fine delegated by CCS may be applied to the abuser's account in association with a Flag. This Fine will be set by CCS Administration and will vary depending on the severity of the crime and with individual considerations.

25.5   Fines associated with Abuse are payable to the abused.

26   Fraud

26.1   CCS takes Fraud extremely seriously and as such will assign Flags and Fines to any Clinic, Therapist, or Client found guilty of fraudulent activity in association with the Software.

26.2   In cases of alleged Fraud, CCS Administration will investigate all claims and assign Fines based on the severity of the situation and damages resultant from the fraudulent activity.

26.3   The following conditions are considered Fraud:

 (a)  Knowingly providing false, misleading, inaccurate, or outdated information on your account or any forms within the Software.

 (b)  Creating more than one account for the same person.

 (c)  Creating an account for anyone other than yourself or a person for whom you are the legal parent or guardian.

 (d)  Attempting to access the Software using any account other than your own.

 (e)  Attempting to make payments for products or services using an account that is not in your name.

 (f)  Falsifying appointment records.

 (g)  Making false accusations of Fraud, Abuse, or any other action that may warrant an account being Flagged.

27   Fines and Fees

27.1   Staff of Clinics are capable of placing upon Clients Fines and/or Fees for various reasons listed throughout this document.

27.2   It is at the discretion of the issuing Clinic and Staff to issue the Fine or Fee in the form of an account Flag.

27.3   Clients have the right to dispute any charges on their account.

27.4   A CCS Administrator will act as judge in the matter of any disputed charge.

 (a)  In the case where CCS sides with the Clinic, the Flags and their associated Fines or Fees will remain in place until the Client has paid them. Failure to pay may result in Blacklisting.

 (b)  In the case where CCS sides with the Client, CCS will remove the associated Flags from the account. This process may prevent Blacklisting of the Client or remove the Client from current Blacklist status but is not a guarantee that the Client's account will be returned to Active status. The Clinic still retains the right to charge and attempt to collect any Fines or Fees it sets.

27.5   CCS does not enforce the collection of any Fines or Fees. This is left strictly to the Clinic and/or local law enforcement.

27.6   CCS will only impose Fines on accounts in matters concerning Fraud or Abuse. CCS reserves the right to choose the value of the fine based, at their sole discretion, upon the severity of the activity for which the account is being Fined for. These Fines may be applied to any account, Whether Client or Clinic.

27.7   Fines imposed by CCS are not enforceable by law and are paid by the account owner voluntarily.

27.8   You understand that you have the right to refuse to pay any fine, but by doing so, forfeit your ability to access or use the Software and, in the case of Clients, the ability to book appointments with any and all Clinics and Therapists using the Software, and, in the case of Clinics, forfeit any funds paid to CCS for access to the Software.

27.9   Under absolutely no condition will any paid Fine or Fee be refunded.

28   Flags

28.1   Flags can be set on any Client, Therapist, or Clinic Account in the Software. Flags are designed to be probationary warnings when the Client, Therapist, or Clinic has behaved in such a manner as to warrant a warning to others. Such instances include but are not limited to: Outstanding Fines or Fees, being late to an appointment, no-showing, abuse, fraud, or other illegal activity.

28.2   Once a Flag is added to an account, it can only be removed by the creator of the Flag or by CCS Administration.

28.3   Flags may or may not carry with them Fines or Fees.

28.4   Flags may or may not be used by Clinics and/or Therapists to refuse business to Clients.

28.5   All Clinics and Therapists reserve the right to refuse business to anyone for any reason.

28.6   Clients agree that by accepting the Terms of Service, they do not hold CCS or any Clinic or Therapist who refuses them business, liable for discrimination or defamation by refusing their business where the Client has any Flags on their account.

29   Payments

29.1   Payments from Clinics for the use of the Software and/or the Premium Services offered by CCS are made to and collected by CCS.

29.2   Clients who wish to make payments to Clinics for outstanding balances may do so either directly to the Clinic by any method offered by the Clinic, or payments can be made to CCS. Payments made to CCS that are owed to Clinics are subject to a $5 transaction Fee. The transaction fee does not include taxes but is subject to all applicable taxes. CCS will then forward the funds to the Clinic and make any account adjustments that may be applicable, once the payment has been processed. This option is provided for Clients who wish to avoid confrontation with any Clinics to which they owe funds and may be removed at any time at the sole discretion of CCS.

29.3   Accepted forms of payment may vary from Clinic to Clinic and Clinics may, at their discretion add, remove, or replace accepted payment methods at any time.

29.4   For all services or treatments, unless expressly noted by the Clinic, payment for services or treatments rendered will be made after the session.

30   Direct Billing

30.1   Clients understand that it is at the sole discretion of the Clinic and/or Therapist to offer Direct Billing to insurance companies as a method of payment. The insurance companies to which a Clinic may bill to may vary from Clinic to Clinic and Therapist to Therapist and is subject to change at any time without notice.

30.2   It is the right of the Client to know before any treatment whether or not Direct Billing for their insurance company is possible, however, it is the responsibility of the Client to have sufficient funds available to pay for the session or treatment at the time of the session or treatment should the insurance company, for any reason, be unable or unwilling to disclose the amount payable to the Clinic.

30.3   It is understood by all Clients, prior to booking, that Clinics do not have access to Insurance Company Policies regarding Client balances for coverage or any special considerations or requirements for coverage including but not limited to requiring a note from a licensed Medical Doctor either one-time or annually, first-time self-submitting before direct billing is allowed, or first-time Clinic-submitted, payable to Client.

30.4   Unless expressly stated otherwise, no insurance company will pay, by means of Direct Billing nor by Self-Submitting, any amounts owed for fees accumulated relating to Late Fees, No Show Fees, or any other charge that is not a covered product or service.

31   Refunds

31.1   Unless otherwise stated, any charge for any service or treatment that has not yet been rendered may be refunded for the amount paid.

31.2   In reference to the purchase of CCS Software by a Clinic, a refund for the full amount paid may be issued, upon request from the Clinic Owner if the request is made within 30 days of the account creation, or at any time before the account is given Active status.

31.3   As the Software is considered to be both a product and ongoing service, access and use of the Software beyond 30-days is considered fulfillment of the terms of purchase and no refund in full or part will be offered to those wishing to discontinue use of the Software.

31.4   As the Software is free to use for all Therapists and Clients, no refunds of any kind will be issued to Clients or Therapists from CCS and CCS is free from any liability, cost, expense, or responsibility of a Client to seek a refund from a Clinic or Therapist. Such refunds must be requested directly from the Clinic or Therapist.

32   Gift Certificates

32.1   Gift Certificates generated by CCS or the Software have value placed upon them by the individual Clinic or Therapist, to be honoured by the Clinic or Therapist who issued it. In no way, is CCS liable for any Gift Certificate generated by the Software.

32.2   In accordance with Canadian Law, no Gift Certificate shall have an expiration date.

32.3   All Gift Certificates are issued with a purchased value that may be less than or equal to the cost of a product or service. A Gift Certificate cannot be purchased to provide a discount, face-value, or other Coupon-like feature.

32.4   A Gift Certificate is, unless otherwise stated, transferable between Clients.

32.5   A Gift Certificate may be issued for a Clinic and/or specific Therapist and, unless otherwise stated, is NOT transferable to any other Clinic or Therapist.

32.6   If, at any time, a Clinic or Therapist becomes Inactive, they will be fully liable for any outstanding Gift Certificates and, in the case where fulfilling such Gift Certificates becomes impossible or impractical, a full refund for the amount paid for the Gift Certificate will be provided to the Client.

32.7   If a Gift Certificate is for a product or service that is no longer available, the Gift Certificate will retain its value for the amount paid, unless it is impossible or impractical to retain the value of the Gift Certificate due to a Clinic or Therapist account deactivation, in which case, the Client will be provided a refund of the amount paid by the issuer.

32.8   In the case where a Gift Certificate has become invalid for reasons above and a refund is provided but where the purchasing Client account is inactive and, as such, the Clinic or Therapist issuing the refund is unable to pay out the refund, CCS will contact the Client via the contact information on their account and request that they reactivate their account in order to receive the refund. If, after 30-days, the account is not reactivated, the Client, by lack of response, releases any claim to the refund and the Gift Certificate is invalidated without a refund.

33   Coupons

33.1   Discounts are provided, either as a flat sum or as a percentage of cost, and are provided solely in the form of a Coupon.

33.2   Coupons are provided via Coupon Codes. Coupon Codes can be visualized and printed or displayed on marketing material in either plain text, UPC, or QR.

33.3   A Coupon is valid with or without the media it was presented on.

33.4   CCS offers Coupons for the purchase of the Software and/or Premium Services.

33.5   The Coupons offered by CCS are only valid for the aforementioned services and expressly NOT for products or services offered by the Clinics and/or Therapists listed within.

33.6   All non-CCS Coupons are generated by Clinic Staff and are valid, unless otherwise stated, only at the issuing Clinic and may or may not apply to multiple Therapists.

33.7   Coupons may be single-use or multi-use, reusable or use-once, and may or may not have start and or stop dates for when they are valid.

33.8   It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that any coupon is valid before attempted use.

33.9   Neither Clinics, nor Therapists are required to offer Coupons, or honour invalid or coupons.

33.10   Coupons may expire at any time, without notice. Expired Coupons will not be honoured.

33.11   Coupons carry no cash-value.

33.12   If a refund is requested for a product or service purchased with a Coupon, only the amount paid will be refunded.

33.13   If a client wishes to apply a Coupon to a product or service other than that which is covered by the coupon, it is at the discretion of the Therapist and/or Clinic to provide any alternative discounts or coupons.

33.14   Unless otherwise stated, any and all persons employed by any branch of government within the judicial system, including law-enforcement, may be ineligible for any promotions, discounts, or coupons as it may be deemed as solicitation in order to gain influence over legal actions.

34   Outstanding Balances

34.1   All accounts are considered NET30 wherein all funds are due a maximum of 30-days past the date invoiced.

34.2   The 30-day grace-period is designed for clearing checks or money-orders, temporary POS outages, or direct-billing reimbursement.

34.3   Not withstanding the aforementioned reasons, all other balances are due immediately upon receipt of invoice, product, or service.

34.4   If payment has not been made in full after a period of 30 days, a Late Fee of $5 will be applied to the invoice, payable to the Clinic.

34.5   Furthermore, the account will accrue interest charges of 12% per annum, compounded monthly until the entire balance is paid.

34.6   If payment arrangements have been made, the Clinic may, if they so choose, wave the Late Fee and/or any accrued Interest Charges.

35   Therapist Notes

35.1   Therapists may, before, during, or after a session or treatment with a Client, create a Note within the Software.

35.2   Typically, but not exclusively, a Therapist Note will contain information regarding the appointment include the general who, what, when, where as well as any subjective information provided by the Client, objective points observed by the Therapist, actions taken during the session or treatment to resolve any issues, and any post care instructions.

35.3   All Therapist Notes are kept confidential as they may or may not contain private health information.

35.4   Therapists can only create notes that correspond to a service or treatment provided.

35.5   Therapists are encouraged to leave detailed notes for each session or treatment, however neither CCS nor the Software enforce this.

35.6   Therapist Notes are viewable by the issuing Therapist and by all Staff of the Clinic where the session or treatment took place.

35.7   At the sole discretion of the Therapist, any individual Note may be made available to either the Client and/or All Therapists.

35.8   Therapists are capable of making some notes private. Private Notes are encrypted and only the Therapist can view them.

36   Changes to the Terms of Service

36.1   CCS reserves the right to, at any time and for any reason, change or alter the Terms of Service for the continued use of the Software.

36.2   If CCS changes the Terms of Service, you will be notified of the change by being required to accept the new Terms before being able to continue to use the Software.

36.3   Failure to accept the Terms of Service will result in an inability to use or access the Software.

36.4   A Clinic Owner who fails to accept the Terms of Service forfeits any and all rights to the continued use of the Software regardless of any funds paid to CCS for access to or use of the Software.