Basic Listing Licence

   - $10 (one-time)

Single Therapist Licence

   - $500 (one-time)

   - $50 (x12 monthly payments)

   - $30 (x24 monthly payments)

Multi-Therapist Clinic Licence

   - $1000 (one-time)

   - $100 (x12 monthly payments)

   - $55 (x24 monthly payments)

Premium Subscription

   - $10/month

The Basic Listing is for clinics who wish to be included in our database for search purposes or for therapists who have left a clinic that uses our software and wishes to retain their client data. For all other purposes, a full-licence is required.

Single Therapist

Because a single therapist has different needs than a full clinic, we've scaled the pricing for single therapists to reflect this. Aside from a lower price-point, the single-therapist option does not allow for parent/child linking that the clinic option has, nor does it offer the ability to add additional staff members beyond the owner.

Multi-Therapist Clinic

This is the main type of account, capable of being either a stand-alone clinic, or linking parent and child clinics to manage chains and franchises. This option, also allows you to add non-therapist staff such as receptionists, office administrators, book-keepers, webmasters, etc.

Premium Subscription

The premium subscription is a recurring monthly fee that provides additional features that incur recurring costs. While we strive for making the software a one-time purchase with no recurring fees, there are some features that have been requested that it is simply unavoidable. These features include but are not limited to 2-way text notifications, streaming music, and web hosting and management services.