Canadian Clinical Software

Canadian Clinical Software offers an all-inclusive online application that manages all aspects of a clinic for a variety of disciplines and modalities.

At CCS, we understand there are a lot of choices for managing your clinic. The problem with most software packages is that they don't do EVERYTHING you ned them to do, often forcing you to use multiple programs in conjunction. CCS was designed and created by a massage therapist who was sick of using over-priced software that simply didn't work. Having used most of the different software programs available and finding major flaws in each of them, decided that there had to be a better choice. Thus, CCS was born. But CCS is not just limited to massage therapists. It can cater to the needs of any medical profession as well as spas and salons.

So why choose us? Choosing anything for your business is all about the Return On Investment and CCS shines brighter than all others for many reasons. Simply put, after seeing what CCS can do for your business, it would be hard to justify using anything else.

1) We're Canadian. Unlike most companies that are based in the USA, we're based in Canada and the software reflects that. Preset provinces, cities, tax rates, and more. Not only does this make your job easier, but it makes your clients feel better and safer.

Not only are we a Canadian company with software catered to Canadians, but all of our software is stored on redundant servers IN Canada. This is extremely important to any Canadian company and most people don't even realize why. Every other company we've looked at, even the Canadian ones, are run on US servers. This is a major problem. Thanks to the Patriot Act, the US Government can, at any time, legally gain full access to all data on any server within their country. That means that your legal obligation to keep your clients personal data safe and secure is being compromised. Granted, it's a slim chance that it would happen, but the reality is that it could and your business would be held liable. So why take the risk? If your data is stored online, ask your provider where their servers are located.

2) We're completely web-based. This has both pros and cons. The main con is that it requires an active internet connection to access the application. This, however, is a small draw-back. Most current software suites have an online portion to them, whether it's for online appointment booking, or a database server where client information is stored. By spreading out the data in that way, you increase the chance that part of your application won't work. Because our application is entirely online and stored on secure, redundant servers, the application itself is always working, even if you can't access it. However, if you have a backup connection, like a mobile device, you can still access the application and your clients will always be able to connect. Software that requires you to run the application locally means that if you have any hardware issues, it's on you to fix them and that's time and money most people simply can't afford. It's something that we at CCS, find to be an unnecessary risk.

3) Your data is secure. We mentioned before that we use redundant servers. This means that if there is a major outage somewhere that causes our server to go offline, a backup server on the other side of the country automatically kicks in and keeps the software running. Beyond that, all account information is encrypted with security measures in place to ensure that client data is kept private. All connections are digitally secured using the same methods that banks use. The major advantage to you by using an online system as opposed to a paper-filing system or a system where the client data is stored locally on a system in your clinic is that if you house the information yourself, you need to insure it, and that extra insurance cost can be steep.

4) Our software is user-friendly. We designed the software from the ground-up to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. That means that we chose a mobile-first approach, meaning that the software you use on your computer is the same software you use on your phone. So many other companies, even multi-million-dollar ones have failed in this regard. Often having sites that work perfectly on a desktop but barely function from a mobile device. This scalability is crucial for today's businesses.

5) We're innovative. The first issue we came across in the business was the issue of how to deal with toxic clients. The simple answer was that you flag their account in some fashion, either by making a note or adding a special character in a place it's not designed for. Never was there a good, integrated way of doing it. We found the solution. Not only can you flag clients, but you can blacklist them altogether. We take this a step further than any other software program ever has. One of the features that's designed to make your clients' life easier, integrated accounts across clinics, also works towards the toxic client's detriment. When a client is blacklisted from a clinic, they are blacklisted from ALL clinics across the system. This means that if you are in an area with two clinics that provide the same services and both clinics use our software, when the client is blacklisted from one, he's unable to book at either. Before this, the client who gets banned from one clinic would often just hop around to other clinics, eventually getting banned from each but causing headaches and costing the time and money of everyone. We're talking mostly, but not exclusively, about the "no-show". Clients who are notorious for booking appointments and then not showing up for them. Not only does the therapist and clinic lose money, but someone else who may have wanted to book couldn't get in because that spot was full. With CCS, not only can you prevent those people from rebooking, but you can avoid having them book in the first place.

6) We're All-inclusive. Not only do we handle the booking, scheduling, and invoicing, we also handle the more in-depth aspects of book-keeping like tracking finances, payroll, taxes, social-network integrations, web-hosting, client notes, and more. Beyond the normal features, we also offer innovative applications that work in conjunction with the main software including a treatment room app with integrated clock, streaming music, timer, and inter-clinic messaging.

7) It's Affordable. Unlike most other options, Our software is something you purchase once and own forever. Most software packages are either extremely expensive and force you to purchase updates or risk losing everything you've already had to invest, or have a high recurring cost that you have to pay forever. We offer our software at a reasonably low one-time price, or, for those just starting out, a one or two-year installment plan, so while you might be paying a monthly fee, it won't be forever. Now, some features do require recurring fees that have to be passed along to the customer and there's no way to avoid that. Third-party costs such as domain hosting, 2-way text messaging, even music royalties continually cost the software provider. We've solved this by bundling everything that includes a recurring cost and packaging it together as a Premium Subscription. All of our prices are shown on our website and there are no hidden fees, no surprises and no headaches.

8) Canadian Clinical Software was designed by massage therapists for their own clinic, to do everything they needed it to do to make their clinic a success and you can enjoy the fruits of their labour.